2017 Playoffs Roster and Sliders for NBA 2K17

After launching the Dime Theory Hoops channel on Twitch, we have been play testing our custom NBA 2K17 roster and sliders set for the 2017 Playoffs. On the eve of postseason, we would like to announce the official release. We had established a fairly reliable set of sliders earlier in the year, but the latest 2K17 patch made additional tweaking necessary. The set is mostly stable, but is likely to be updated in the coming month. They are available for download on the Steam network titled “DIME THEORY SLIDERS”, posted by the user “DIME THEORY TOMMY”. Alternatively, as a console-player, you can enter the sliders into the game using the following video:

I originally wrote about the philosophy and inspiration of the sliders in this previous Virtual Dimes piece.

The roster can be accessed on the Steam network of 2K17 by searching for the title “DIME THEORY 2017 PLAYOFFS”, posted by the user “DIME THEORY TOMMY”. The roster currently features accurate shoes and injuries. As the playoffs progress, the roster will include updates to shoes, injuries, tendencies and attributes on a regular basis. The rotations are projections as of right now, but will be changed to reflect the true rotations once the games commence. I mentioned the signature style and body edits provided by woody47 of Operation Sports in the last Virtual Dimes article, and they truly shine as the gem of the roster. Check him out on his YouTube channel.

I debuted the sliders and roster playing the Thunder-Rockets match-up on Twitch last night in the video above. Moving forward, Dime Theory Hoops will continue to stream 2017 Playoffs games to our Twitch channel, but the games can also be viewed on our YouTube channel. If you feel so inclined, join our chats on Twitch, join the Dime Theory Hoops group on Steam, or hit us up on YouTube or Twitter and give feedback on the roster and sliders. Enjoy the playoffs.

Tommy Driscoll

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