My Favorite NBA 2K17 Mods

When scanning the vast archive of NBA 2K17 modding projects on NLSC, it’s easy to forget how limited the file additions were for last year’s game. I have only lurked on the site, never creating my own mods, but noticed how quickly tedious Photoshop work turned into download links after the release of ’17. The difference in volume has a lot to do with the availability of Limmono’s External File Plugin carrying over from 2K16. For somebody like myself that has put forth minimal effort to understand the complicated file structure of a game that has resisted modding, the External File Plugin has been a lifesaver. It has allowed me to enjoy the magnificent 2K transformation communities like NLSC, as well as Moddingway and Operation Sports. In no particular order, these are the 2K17 mods I prize the most.

Pinoy21’s Jerseys

Not only does the texture and mesh pattern of Pinoy’s work have improved resolution and detail, the jerseys display a sensitivity to the true colors of a team’s branding and the proper scale of jersey features.

exrixxx Scoreboards

exrixxx was able to overhaul the default 2K17 scoreboard and replace it with fully functional NBA TV and TNT (Root Sports in the works) versions that achieve a higher level of broadcast authenticity.

Daemon’s Tattoos

2K’s art team is known for neglecting the inclusion of every player’s tattoos; the reason for this is combination of copyright (iconography and the intellectual property of the tattoo artist) and the time it takes to create the designs when the full body scan of a player isn’t available. The Daemon has volunteered their time to further the accuracy of player ink.

AmaroWaade Faces, Hair and Courts

AmaroWaade has long been my favorite modder of the 2K series. They have been revising player replicas with stunning results for longer than I have been tweaking my game. 2K17 marked a return from a hiatus for Amaro, who came back impressive as ever. In addition to the cyberface updates, they have crafted some excellent arenas too.

YG Faces, Hair and Body Edits

YG has compiled edits of the leagues’ star players and crafted the best Jimmy Butler and Paul George I have found.

R4zoR Faces, Hair, Body Edits

R4zoR is another veteran of the NLSC community and aspires to mod nearly every player of every team. He is partially through the Cavs (alphabetical order by team name) thus far and produces thorough work very quickly. After watching his process on Twitch, I gained an even greater appreciation for his contributions.

PeacemanNOT Classic Jerseys and Players

I haven’t spent much time playing with classic teams, but Peace adjusted the inaccurate classic jerseys and supplied a couple of wonderful classic player updates, including Orlando Magic Shaq.

go7denboot Body Edits

Even with 2K boasting a full-body scan system to diversify the look of players’ dimensions, a large amount of 2K17 bodies needed to be fine-tuned. LeBron is my favorite edit of go7denboot’s because it replaces his power lifter legs with more suitable lower extremities.

EGS-MLLR Various Mods

EGS is another one of the most talented graphic modders on NLSC, uploading some very exciting file additions. Their Damian Lillard and Klay Thompson are the best version of each player, and the ball mod they made is also nice.

MauMau78 SFX and Arena Lighting

MauMau made one of the more unique mods for 2K17 by revamping the in-game sounds, improving another angle to the authenticity of the broadcast.

woody47 Signature Style and Body Edits

Last, but certainly not least, is the work of woody47 via Operation Sports. Woody managed to edit the shot and dribbling styles of nearly every player in the game after closely analyzing footage of players to match the game’s inventory of animations. Additionally, he adjusts wingspans and body dimensions through the in-game player editor. Woody plays on a console from what I can tell, so his roster isn’t directly available to Steam users. However, I have been following his videos to put together a 2017 Playoffs Roster that will be on the Steam network before the playoffs begin on April 15th (more on this shortly).

We recently launched a Twitch profile for Dime Theory Hoops and will be streaming user vs. cpu 2017 Playoff match ups to showcase our official playoff roster and slider set available on the Steam network. If you are on Steam, join our 2K group and try the beta version of the Dime Theory roster and sliders today until the official release next week.

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