NBA 2K18 Sliders Beta1.0 Released

The first beta edition of the Dime Theory Sliders for NBA 2K18 are now available. They can be found by searching “Dime Theory Beta1.0” or my user name (DIME THEORY TOMMY) on the Steam network. Alternatively, they can be entered into console using the video below (Note: There is game, coach and controller settings I’m using at the end of the video).

Slider Notes:

First off, I want to point out how much I have continued to enjoy this game as-is, especially compared to NBA 2K17. To form a base for this year’s sliders I started out by setting them on Hall of Fame, and then balancing all of the CPU and User values. Since then, I have made small adjustments to mostly add offensive and defensive inconsistency, increase offensive and defensive awareness, and drop the success and frequency of mid and short-range shots. I have also fine tuned the speed and acceleration levels to make movement feel a little more realistic. Playing 12 minute quarter have frequently yielded field-goal percentages in the 40’s, and realistic scores. Stay tuned for updates, and as always, reach out and provide feedback.

Change Log 10/12/17:

  • Lowered Close and Mid-range Shot Success (both)
  • Lowered CPU 3pt Success Lowered Dunk in Traffic Frequency (both)
  • Increased Pass Accuracy (both)
  • Increased Ball Security (both)
  • Increased Body-Up Sensitivity (both)
  • Lowered Driving and Inside Contact Shot Frequency (both)
  • Lowered CPU Shot Contest Strength Increased Help Defense Strength (both)
  • Increased Steal Success (both)
  • Lowered Acceleration, Speed and Vertical (both)
  • Increased Ball Handling (both)
  • Increased On-Ball Defense (both)
  • Lowered CPU Close and Mid-Range Shot tendency
  • Increased Play Passing Lanes and On-Ball Steals (both)
  • Lowered CPU Contest Shots Expanded Speed and Acceleration Range (both)

Tommy Driscoll